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Tekever, lda (Tekever), Portugal

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Tekever is a European SME information technology company based in Portugal. The main activity is software development for embedded systems, Internet, wireless networks (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Bluetooth) and system integration namely several hardware devices.

Recent projects include:

  • Embedded games – programmed in Java 2 Micro Edition, to run in mobile phones and PDAs taking the most out of the reduced memory and graphical resources of these devices.

  • PDA thin clients – programmed in C or Java, or using the existing browsers in these devices to provide information access in any place, in any time, in Palm, Handspring and Compaq devices. The communication to a central server is performed in a packet-oriented network or by GSM circuit switched data connection. A Java Enterprise Server is responsible for handling the devices requests.

Key Personnel:

  • Nuno Cunha. Research Dir., Software and Computer Engineer. Since January 2001 is the Research coordinator, working in:

    • Research and development coordination.

    • Evaluation and study of technologies for mobile devices and wireless networks.

    • Technical management of a project for mobile games development, in GSM networks using Java 2 Micro Edition phones.

    • Technical management of several projects for office mobile automation, with Windows CE and Palm handhelds.

    • Development of prototypes in SIM Java Card technology for GSM networks.

    • Security study in the Microsoft Windows OS.

    • Study of GSM / SMS protocols and Java Card development environment.
    • Design and development of a technological infrastructure to support value added services on GSM networks.

    • Study of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Wireless Markup Language (WML). Prototype development kits analysis.

    • Participation in a project to deploy web-based payments, in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, IIS and SQL Server.

    • Research on the wireless market technologies and future mobile applications and services.

  • Pedro Vale. Engineering Dir., Software and Computer Engineer, specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Finished his M.Sc. in Computer and Informatics Engineering, specialization in Information and Knowledge. Since May 2001 is the Engineering Director working in:

    • Various prototypes of small applications in small mobile devices such as GSM phones and PDAs (PalmOS, WindowsCE, Symbian EPOC, Java 2 Micro Edition).

    • Development of a multi channel COTS product for data deployment into different devices (web, PDAs, mobile phones) using J2EE and XML.

    • Search Techniques.

    • Java 2 SE and web programming.

    • Visual C++, Visual Basic and SQL programming.

    • LOBAS project technical manager.

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