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CAS Software AG (CAS), Germany

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[new window] CAS Software is a software house, providing standard software in the field of, Information Management, CRM groupware, Intranet groupware as well as individual solutions, i.e. sales support systems tailored for large customers (such as ADAC, DeteMobil, DaimlerChrysler). CAS is well positioned in the market for database-oriented information systems. With the innovative products in the area of Information Management. CAS serves more than 100.000 satisfied customers.

The second generation tool genesisWorld is in the market since 1999 and won the European IT Prize award 1998. genesisWorld is an innovative groupware platform for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and assures that the employees have complete customer information, like profiles and history, with a few mouse clicks. Furthermore its functionality for activity planning and contact management importantly reduces administrative overhead. Consequently your employees can focus on what really matters: high quality service for your customers It is a highly innovative web-enabled information centre, supporting CRM and groupware functionality and a seamless integration into the IT landscape of the user. Beyond our last CRM tool - genesisWorld – we launched in October 2002 our new Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) portal “CAS teamWorks”, a new sophisticated information management tool, suited perfectly to the needs of intern information management.

CAS Software maintains an elaborated partner model in order to address a wide variety of different customer needs and cover a large geographical area. With the genesisWorld partners CAS Software assures a fluid transfer of knowledge to users of genesisWorld and solid support and backup. In order to offer our customers high quality service our partners must fulfil important requirements before getting the genesisWorld certifications (almost 70 software houses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, UK and Greece are developing integration solutions based on our tool).

Our first customer in 1986 was Mercedes-Benz AG and it is till our biggest. We developed the Mercedes-Benz customer service system for its commercial vehicle branch. Today it is used worldwide by more than 3000 users in 13 different countries. Besides this, CAS Software AG has also developed online applications for its customers like for example the configurators for trucks - for transporters, vans and leisure cars respectively, on [new window] www.mercedes-benz.de, the German website of the Mercedes-Benz AG.

CAS also develops and runs also a series of successful commercial webservices like:

incorporating there its knowledge about customer Information Management.

Contribution to IP Activities:

The basic products of CAS offer the basis for “personalized” and “context-sensitive” information management. Within ENABLED CAS can offer the personalization engine, where it is possible to store preferences, profiles, agenda and manage resources. Therefore the CAS-products could be the basis for context-sensitive information services within ENABLED.

CAS Software is highly interessed in developing middleware between fixed and wireless networks (mobile connectors) for its own applications as well as for the integration with extern applications (standardisation).

One of the most important portals of the CAS group is [new window] www.pressekatalog.de, which is the starting domain for the information-seeker of high quality. The web-service pressekatalog.de aggregates and offers high quality content (headlines, keywords, front page, content) of some 20.000 European newspapers and magazines in all European languages. One of the OEM-providers of this service is the internet bookshop AMAZON, where all the services and content within the newspaper and magazine area is provided by pressekatalog.de. Usable context based delivery of content orientated towards disabled people are topics that CAS wish to work on in the scope of ENABLED.

YellowMap, a subsidiary company of CAS Software, is one of the leading electronic directories in Europe with integrated mapping and routing technology. The Internet-Service developed by CAS Software provides local information about anything in your vicinity: Citymaps, Routing, Company Adresses, Shopping-Guide, Events, Emergency Services and many more. YellowMap links qualitatively outstanding contents (content-aggregation) and provides so called Location Based Services to a network of leading internet and mobile portals. Within ENABLED CAS intends to experiment new methological, technical and business approaches for this service, especially orientated toward disabled people.

Relevant Research Projects Experience:

  • [new window] Vivian (Component-based software development for mobile platforms)

  • [new window] MoMa

  • [new window] DOM (Der Orientierte Mensch)

Key Personnel:

  • Spiros Alexakis (Dipl. Inform.), studied Computer Science in the University of Karlsruhe and visited a post graduate course in Economics. After two years at SIEMENS he joined CAS Software in 1992 as a software engineer. In the following he became System Engineer and Project Manager. Since 1996 he is in the position of Director International Business Development, managing all international activities, including R&D projects (e.g. trial application TROOP). He published a number of papers, mainly on software engineering and project management. Mr. Spiros Alexakis has vast experience in leading of large, international projects.

  • Dr. Bernhard Kölmel is co-ordinating international research and strategic development within the CAS Software AG group, specifically he is head of research at YellowMap AG (daughter company of CAS). Before he joined the CAS group he was head of the departments Technology Transfer and Business Management at the IT research center (FZI) in Karlsruhe. Dr. Kölmel received his PhD with honours from the University of Karlsruhe (economics of software engineering). Dr. Kölmel works as external expert (evaluator, reviewer and expert consultant) for the European Commission. Dr. Kölmel was project coordinator of more than 20 large international projects. He is author of some 100 scientific and practical papers in the area of mobile services, information management (CRM), technology transfer, project management, virtual organisations, software engineering and economic aspects of IT.

  • Dr. Thomas Lindner graduated with honours from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in 1991. He received a masters degree in Mathematics. In 1992, he started an academic career. In 1996, he became Head of the Software Engineering Department. In this position, he lead numerous projects, both co-operative efforts with industry and public grants from the local, federal and European government. (e.g. the ESPRIT project FAMOOS). After the successful completion of his Ph.D. thesis at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Karlsruhe in spring 1999, he joined CAS Software AG in Karlsruhe, where he currently heads the Competence Centre department, which creates reference solutions on top of CAS's groupware systems as well as supporting CAS's partners to create such solutions.

  • Christian Abeln (Dipl. Etec.) has studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe. He joined CAS Software 1994 to architect a new state of the art software development framework as a foundation for the next generation of CAS products. From 1997 he focused on building a team for technology research applied in CAS products and in-house consulting. Since 1999 he holds the position of the Technical Project Leader at CAS for funded research projects including App2Web, VIVIAN, LIP, MoMa and others. He has earned a large amount of practical and theoretical experience in the mobile technology domain and as such will contribute directly to the technical progress of the project.

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