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Accessible Web Contents Multimodal Adaptive Interfaces
ENABLED logo: Enhanced Network Accessibility for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Wireless Networking Mobile Computing
Internet has a great impact on people's life. Through the Web, information can be accessed remotely; people can interact with friends and family; services such as online shopping, paying bills and distant learning can be provided to the public. However, people with blindness or other form of disability are not able to take full advantage due to the inaccessibility in the technology itself. Even though the technology should be able to benefit people with disability as much as to the advantaged people. Moreover if the problem of inaccessibility is not solved, the discrepancy will become bigger as the information technology advances.
The ENABLED Special Interest Group (SIG) brings together as many representatives of different communities as possible.
They will be regularly kept informed of the Project Methods and Tools through meetings that will be organised for these external members, coming from both the Academic, Health and Corporate world.
The SIG is expected to rapidly become an even more important Dissemination Tool, as the number of Members increases and the usability of the prototypes help to make them more widespread. ENABLED will link with existing subject-specific fora.

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